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Mercedes-Benz 513cdi / 515cdi
Body / Make Model: Treka Bus
Chassis / Make Model:
Mercedes 513 / 515cdi
Gearbox: Auto
Seating Capacity: Up to 16
Wheelchair Capacity: Up to 6
LEZ Compliant: Yes
Overall length: 6.9m
Air Conditioning: Yes
Livery: White
Double hand rail on entrance and tactile plates.
16 single M2 quick release seats with lap & diagonal belts.
Unwin tracking to fully flat non slip floor.
Unwin side cant rail
PLS Access automatic passenger lift (350kgs)
Mercedes-Benz 513cdi / 515cdi
Exterior View - Mercedes-Benz 513 / 515cdi
Rear View - Mercedes-Benz 513 / 515cdi
Interior View - Mercedes-Benz 513 / 515cdi
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