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  About Us    

Dawsongroup plc is one of the UK’s most successful asset rental and leasing businesses, specialising in high value capital goods for the public transport, distribution & food manufacturing sectors. The group company incorporates Dawsonrentals bus and coach ltd, which is the UK’s largest hirer of buses, coaches and accessible vehicles, Ventura bus and coach sales, which is a dealer in new and used public service vehicles, and which specialises in the distribution of articulated buses derived from a number of sources within the UK and Europe.

As a group we have over 75 years successful trading history, are highly respected within our sector, and importantly in our modern world, are extremely financially stable. With Dawsonrentals you can be sure you have selected a highly professional partner and that any transactions entered into between us can be undertaken with total confidence.

Our accessible hire specialists are dedicated to looking after this unique sector’s vehicle needs and have a thorough understanding of all types of accessible vehicle, the requirements of operators, and all importantly, the needs of service users.

Our client base includes local authorities, community transport operators, schools and care homes and if your organisation has an accessible vehicle need, Dawsonrentals will have the right product for you.